MPI Auction #10 - Closed September 15th, 2016

This auction is closed but there will be other auctions in the future.
Please see the rules and instructions.

Item Number and Description
1. Four India Letter Sheets. 2 are mint, 2 have first day cancels. All 4 are folded.$8.00$8.00Img
2. Bulgaria 1218-1219 Imperf Blocks of 10$10.00$10.00Img
3. Cambodia 106-108 Deluxe Sheets$30.00$30.00Img
4. Guniea C29-C31 Full Panes of 20$20.00$20.00Img
5. Laos Deluxe Sheets$30.00$31.00Img
6. Vietnam 185-188 Imperfs with Large Margins$15.00$15.00Img
7. Laos 74-76 Imperfs with Large Margins$12.00$12.00Img
8. Switzerland Post Office Announcement$8.00$11.00Img
9. Portuguese Colonies Congress Of Tropical Medicine (Issued 1952)$10.00$11.00Img
10. Bulgaria Medicinal Plants - Issued 1953 843A? (The marks in the selvage may be extra ink?)$10.00$10.00Img
11. Yemen Invert Stamps and Souvenir Sheet$75.00$105.00Img
12. Israel Full Pane of 218 with Plate flaw in Tab (Please see lower right tab)$15.00$15.00Img
13. Haiti 6 Mini Sheets B25-B27, CB42-CB44, All Mounted On Pages (Only 1 Shown)$30.00$30.00Img
14. Haiti 6 Mini Sheets 486-488, C188-C190, All Mounted On Pages (Only 1 Shown)$30.00$30.00Img
15. Chile - Scott C221 and Extra Stamp$25.00$25.00Img
16. Full Malaria Collection on 1962 Ace Album Pages (Includes hundreds of MNH stamps, Laos SS, 2 Saudi Arabia SS, Yemen SS) email webmaster for more details$250.00$250.00