MPI Auction #20 - Closed February 12, 2022

This auction is closed but there will be other auctions in the future.
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Item Number and Description
1. Portuguese Colonies Omnibus Set of 8 perforated malaria issues including non issued from India$6.00$6.00Img 
2. A Little Book Of Pests from 1924, Black Flag. Includes Mosquito, Ant, Fly, Roach, others.$10.00-Img 
3. Old Postcard with "No Tresspassing - Property Of United States Marine Corps" "Boot Camp" With Mosquitoes on it.$5.00$7.00Img 
4. Set of 4 Malaria ECOSOC FDCS for the 2009 U.N. Anti-Malaria stamp. This is the last set that I have. Created by Nirlay Kundu$20.00$42.00Img 
5. French Polynesia Malaria cover with LE MONDE UNI CONTRE LE PALUDISME handstamp. First Day Of Use.$4.00$4.00Img 
6. Gabon Mosquito (Not Malaria) Stamps on cover.$3.00$6.50Img 
7. Guinea Pair of Malaria Mosquito Proofs used for the Souvenir Sheet$30.00$30.00Img 
8. Set of 21 Insect Covers including one with DDT, Bees, Moths, Insecticides, Fly, Terminix (postal history is hard to come by). For the insect lovers!$30.00-Img 
9. Mauratania Malaria FDC with B16, C14, C15 on Registered FDC. Hard to come by.$10.00$18.76Img 
10. Mosquito Postcard (unused) issued in 1903 - it folds. I have only seen two of these.$15.00$15.00Img 
11. Saudi Arabia Malaria Imperf set with huge vertical margins (clearly not from the souvenir sheet and from the large sheet format)$15.00$15.00Img 
12. Three similar looking Spain Malaria FDCs. All 3 from different producers$9.00$9.00Img 
13. Swiss Publicity Sheet with First Day Cancel on the back. 4 stamps were issued and publicized on this sheet, one was malaria.$6.00-Img 
14. Tanzania 1986 Souvenir Sheet with a mosquito (not a malaria campaign item) but a mosquito!$2.00$2.00Img 
15. 8 FDC envelopes with the 8 Uinited Nations Offices. These are getting hard to come by.$15.00$20.00Img 
16. U.S. 1194 and U.N. 102-103 on Cadr Stock with image from an unknown producer.$4.00-Img 
17. United Nations 102-103 on two FDCs with bisects. This is 1 of 2 sets of FDCs recorded on this FDC/Cachet.$50.00$78.00Img 
18. Upper Volta stamps on cover. Stamps issued with a Black Fly which spreads Onchocerciasis which is what the stamp was issued for.$4.00$6.76Img 
19. Cover with U.S. stamp on it sent in 1952 with the Walter Reed Hospital Army Medical Center "Corner Card"$5.00$5.00Img 
20. Three White House Sheetlets with Malaria information. 1 is Mint and the other 2 have U.S. 1194 with two different First Day Cancellations$10.00$12.11Img