Member Services

  • The Miasma: From 1979 to 1986, and then from 2006 till present, the Miasma publication has been a wonderful source of information on the stamps, essays, proofs, errors, slogans, first day covers (FDCs), commercial covers, and other special memorabilia relating to malaria -- its treatment, history, control and eradication campaigns. Please see the complete list of Miasma journals. The Miasma is now on a three times a year schedule and an email will be sent to registered users when the newest Miasma is ready for viewing.

  • Auctions: The Malaria Philatelists International (MPI) has internet bid sales with fifteen to thirty items all dealing with malaria. These internet bid sales are restricted to MPI members in good standing. Please see the Auction Rules and an example internet sale Auction 15.

  • Awards: The MPI now has exhibit awards for first and second place for malaria and malaria exhibits. The full description of the award and details are online on the Exhibiting Awards page.

  • Meetings: The MPI attempts to arrange meetings of its members in connection with major philatelic exhibitions like the APS StampShow which meets in different cities around the United States each year during August. The meetings are for the purpose of conducting official business and to also allow members to participate in the good fellowship that these meetings invariable generate.