MPI Auction #18 - Closed January 30, 2020

This auction is closed but there will be other auctions in the future.
Please see the rules and instructions.

Item Number and Description
1. Afghanistan Souvenir Sheets - Scott 583-393 Perf and Imperf$10.00$10.00Img
2. Canal Zone FDCs - 3$1.50$3.00Img
3. Swaziland Scott 177-178$1.50$1.50Img
4. Item was removed. The item was incorrectly described as Entomology.$0.00-Img
5. Switzerland Scott 412-415 (415 is anti-malaria) cancelled with first day of issue cancellation SON (Socked On the Nose)$1.50$3.00Img
6. Iran Scott 156-158 pairs with margins with toning on back as all issues from Iran from this period do.$2.00$2.00Img
7. Guinea C29-C31 set of 3 with Vertical Imperf Pairs$25.00$25.00Img
8. 2009 Millennium Development Goals FDC with Souvenir Sheet cancelled on the cover and singles cancelled on pages 4 and 5. Only 3 made$15.00$21.00Img
9 . Indonesia 574-577 in Blocks of 4$3.00$3.00Img
10. France commercial cover with Scott 1633 - Quinine stamp$3.00-Img
11. Brunei Scott 395-397$2.00$3.00Img
12. Liechtenstein Anti-Malaria Small Sized FDC - Card (slight ware, see image)$5.00$5.00Img
13.Dominican CB25A Perf and Imperf Sheets$4.00$4.00Img
14. Saudi Arabia 252-254 Perf and 254A Imperf Souvenir Sheet$8.00-Img
15. United Nations Scot 102-103 Second Printing Last Day Of Sale Cover - Very Scarce$20.00$25.00Img
16. Guinea B25-B29 in Sheets 0f 25. Sheets have staple holes. Mix of Orange and Red overprints - Very Scarse to find in sheets.$20.00$50.00Img