History of Malaria Research and Treatment

(Published: May, 2019, Volume 19, Number 2, Issue #49) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Mike Birrer)

Built on the 1981 work of Frank H. Babers and James Dellinger (published in issues 6 and 7 of Miasma Philatelist) and the 2004-2011 work of Dr. Marco Corsi (shown in the Cinderella stamps of Anophelia as listed in the Handbook of Malaria Philately), and extensive research by the author, this companion piece to the Handbook of Malaria Philately is a broad listing of the philatelic material pertaining to the history of malaria research and treatment.

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Handbook - History of Research and Treatment of Malaria
Adler Agre Alexander of Tralles Aretaeus
Aristotle Avicenna Bado Baker
Bartholin Bartlett Bassi Bastianelli
Beauperthuy Bignami Binz Bretonneau
Bright Bryson Cabrera Caesar, A
Caesar, J Caldas Celsus Charcot
Chifflet Chomel Cicero Cinchona
Columella Condamine Councilman Crawford
De Lugo De Senac Dioscorides Drake
Early Man Elion Erie Canal Fabre
Fracastoro Frerichs Galen Giglioli
Golgi Gomes Grassi Hahnemann
Hare Harvey Hasskarl Hemsbach
Henle Hercules & Hydra Heredia Heusinger
Hippocrates Hirsch Hoffmann Homer
Horace Humboldt Institute of Jamaica Introduction
Johnson Juvenal Kelsch Kircher
Klebs Klencke Lake Huacachia Lancisi
Laveran b Laveran Ledger Lind
Linnaeus Livingstone Lopez MacCulloch
Maclean Maillot Malpighi Mamani
Markham Martial Metcalfe Mitchell
Morgagni Morton Muller Mutis
Nott Oviedo Patin Pelletier & Caventou
Penna Plato Plempius Pliny
Pomet Puccinotti Pythagoras Ramazzini
Ramirez Rasori Redi Reed
Rhazes Ribera Ross Rubner
Rush Sappington Sickle Cell Sloane
Sola Spruce Sydenham Talbor
Tommasi-Crudeli Torti Trousseau Tutankhamen
Varro Virchow Weddell Weller
Wesley Willis Woodward  

Any person with additional information pertinent to this philatelic compilation is encouraged to send that information to Malaria Philatelists International: Michael F. Birrer or Larry Fillion