MPI Auction #12 - Closed May 15th, 2017

This auction is closed but there will be other auctions in the future.
Please see the rules and instructions.

Item Number and Description
1. Chili Scott C221 with Malaria Overprint (2000 Scott Catalog $27.00)$15.00$15.00Img
2. French Colonies Set of 14 Imperfs$80.00$83.00Img
3. Congo Scott 414-416 Imperfs$8.00$20.50Img
4. India 261 Used On Telegraph$12.00-Img
5. Liberia Imperf Pairs$10.00$26.00Img
6. Cyprus Specimens (small blemish on snake of 10m stamp)$12.00$26.00Img
7. India 261 Specimen (Believed to be a Fake)$5.00$5.00Img
8. Five Canal Zone First Day Covers$8.00$8.00Img
9. Mauratania Inverts.jpg$40.00$73.50Img
10. Yemen Inverts$50.00$53.00Img
11. Three Liechtenstein First Day Covers (A little wear on the large FDC)$5.00$5.00Img