MPI Auction #16 - Closed January 15, 2018

This auction is closed but there will be other auctions in the future.
Please see the rules and instructions.

Item Number and Description
1. United States 1194 Photo Essay - These were sent to newspapers.$6.00$6.00Img
2. John F. Kenendy's Speech on Malaria. Unused. (folded)$2.00-Img
3. John F. Kenendy's Speech on Malaria. Cancelled at INTERPEX, FDC.$2.00-Img
4. John F. Kenendy's Speech on Malaria. Cancelled at Washington D.C. FDC (folded)$2.00$2.00Img
5. Tunisia Scott 404-406 United Operations To Tunisia First Day Cover.$3.00$3.00Img
6. United Nations Postal Administration Information Sheet$2.00-Img
7. Korea Scott 350 AID FDC$4.00$7.00Img
8. United States Post Office Bulletin (these were placed at post offices)$2.00-Img
9. United States Scott 1194 Ceremony Program (cover, inside pages, and back are shown)$2.00$2.00Img
10. Sudan Scott 142 and Scott 143 U.S. AID Mission FDCs$5.00$5.00Img
11. Indonesia Scott 502-505 FDC With Enclosure$2.00-Img
12. United States 1194 and United 102 Wanted Poster First Day Cover$3.00$8.00Img
13. Group of 65 FDCs (all FDCs are in the PDF) (Shipping determined by destination)$50.00$66.00Img