MPI Auction #9 - Closed May 15th, 2016

This auction is closed but there will be other auctions in the future.
Please see the rules and instructions.

Item Number and Description
1. Russian Label. Text is "mosquitoes transmit malaria: use spray during the whole season". This example with a cancel or overprint - not sure.$8.00$21.00Img
2. United Nations First Flight Covers from 1963$4.00$4.00Img
3. Dubai Scott 22-27, C13-C15 FDC (Hard to find)$10.00$21.00Img
4. Yemen Imperf Souvenir Sheet FDC (Hard to find)$10.00$16.00Img
5. United States 1194 Photo Essay - These were sent to newspapers. (Hard to find)$8.00$21.00Img
6. Afghanistan Souvenir Sheets Scott 674H and 674I$8.00-Img
7. Mexico RA stamp on cover, censored.$4.00$4.00Img
8 Haiti CB35 Inverted Overprint (Very hard to find)$12.00$36.00Img
9. Czechoslovakia - Scott 1121-1122 FDC$4.00$11.00Img