Look At The Back Of Your Covers

(Published: February, 2009, Volume 9, Number 1, Issue #27) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

Below are a few examples of items that were good items and then looking at the backs gave me more information and made the covers great.

I purchased the FDC below which is from Yugoslavia with Scott 639 on it issued April 7th, 1962. I scanned it at 300 DPI and looked at at high res in order to see the details of the cachet. At 300 DPI (click the image and when the larger image shows up, click it again to see the 300 DPI version), I noticed the SL in the lower right corner near the end of the mosquito's leg and under the globe. I added the item to my FDC database and put 'SL' in my notes section. I then figured I would turn it over to see if there was anything else and I then realized I figured out the full name of the creator of the FDC: Erich L. Steiner. Always lok at the backs of your FDCs and maybe you'll find out something interesting.

Hand-drawn FDC by Erich L. Steiner (front)
Yugoslavia 49 Perf FDC HandDrawnCard Front
Hand-drawn FDC by Erich L. Steiner (back)
Yugoslavia 49 Perf FDC HandDrawnCard Back

I year ago, I wrote New Finds - Ceylon - FDCs With Blocks Of 4 and I showcased 3 FDCs from Ceylon that were sent airmail and it was on the back of the FDCs that the blocks of 4 were located. Any FDC that I find that was sent through the mail Registered should be examined closer. Most malaria stamps were issued to pay the first class rate or maybe airmail rate and therefore if the cover was sent Registered (or even sent Airmail), it most likely needed more postage. If it is not on the front, it must be on the back.

364 Perf FDC X1 Block4 - Front 364 Perf FDC X1 Block4 - Back

A few years ago, I purchased this FDC off of a website. I had never seen this cachet before so I knew I wanted to buy it. When the item arrived, I carefully looked at the cover and noticed that the cachet was hand drawn which was a nice find. After I turned it over, the find seemed even nicer. The artist's name was on the back and I also found out that this FDC is the 5th of 5 total covers produced. I am currently researching what else he has done. The cachet appears to be an add-on.

Keith Butz FDC 5/5 (front)
Image Of Stamp
Keith Butz FDC 5/5 (back)
Image Of Stamp

*If any reader has any comments/corrections, or any FDCs with interesting information on the back, please contact me at malariastamps@yahoo.com