ChildFund International

(Published: June, 2020, Volume 20, Number 2, Issue #51) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

ChildFund International

Who are they? [taken from the ChildFund website]

Always looking for new ways to help children in poverty Helping children in poverty has always been at our heart, although how we do it has changed over time. What's been consistent is our desire to ever improve how we make an impact - we've fostered a spirit of innovation from the beginning, first as China's Children Fund, then as Christian Children's Fund and now as ChildFund International.

We're still growing and learning, but now we're doing it under a name that fully reflects the way we've always welcomed children and supporters of all nationalities and faiths to change the world through our programs. Here's how.

Worldwide, 570 million children live in extreme poverty, vulnerable to many factors that threaten their well-being. Children need protection, support and care at each stage of childhood to stay safe, healthy, learning and on track to achieve their potential. ChildFund works with local partner organizations, governments, corporations and individuals to help create the safe environments children need to thrive.

One of the campaigns that ChildFund has is malaria related and they have sent covers with malaria themes on them and below is what I have found so far. Do you have others?

2018 Child Fund Cover - Front

2018 Child Fund Cover - Back

2020 Child Fund Cover - Front

2020 Child Fund Cover - back

*If anybody has any covers from the ChildFund International different from the ones shown here, please contact me at