New Dates For WHO Regional Office In Africa (Brazzaville, Congo) Slogan
(Published: February, 2009, Volume 9, Number 1, Issue #27) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

If you also collect United Nations in general, you may have a copy of the Gaines catalog. The catalog is thousands of pages long and includes stamps, FDCs, cancellations, meter cancellations from New York and Geneva and from the 6 regional offices. The WHO produces much of its work at regional offices around the world. WHO had the following Regional Offices in 1962:

AmericasWashington D.C., USA
EuropeCopenhagen, Denmark
Western PacificManila, Philippines
South-East AsiaNew Delhi, India
AfricaBrazzaville, Congo
Eastern MediterraneanAlexandria, Egypt

In the Gaines catalog, on page 1176, the following information is given:

SLOGAN 4  (4/7/1962 - 5/21/1962)
ERROR:      Date reads "1951" on 5/16/62; 5/21/62

Image of Slogan

I have two new changes to this data. The first is that I have a new latest usage of this slogan. I have a cover with the Slogan used November 14th, 1962 which is now the latest reported usage.

W.H.O. Regional Offices (Africa) Slogan Cancelled November 14th, 1962 - Latest Usage
Image Of Stamp

I also have a few examples of the error dates. "51" instead of "62". The dates of the covers are 5/8 and 5/18. There are now four known dates with the incorrect date: 5/8/62, 5/16/62, 5/18/62, 5/21/62. The newly discovered 5/8/82 is now the earliest known cover with this error date. I would take a guess that all covers with dates 5/8/62 through 5/21/62 have the 51 instead of 62. Does anybody have one of these slogans used during May, 1962? If so, it might have the 51 instead of the 62 also? If you do, please contact me at

W.H.O. Regional Offices (Africa) Slogan Cancelled 5/8/1962 - Earliest Date With "51" Error
Image Of Stamp

Image Of Stamp

W.H.O. Regional Offices (Africa) Slogan Cancelled 5/8/1962 - New Date With "51" Error
Image Of Stamp

Image Of Stamp

*If any reader has any comments/corrections, or any covers with this slogan with dates before 4/7/1962 or dates after 11/14/1962 please contact me at