Art Craft's 1962 Anti-Malaria Campaign Cachets Exhibit

(Published: September, 2014, Volume 14, Number 2, Issue #36) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

In 2009, I create a one frame exhibit titled FDCs With "The Big Six Of Malaria" Art Craft Cachet. The exhibit focused on all the known 'uses' of the cachet and was displayed as a traditional exhibit but instead of the focus being a single stamp, the focus was on a single cachet. I exhibited this exhibit four times and received between Silver-Bronze and Vermeil awards. The ordering of awards are Gold, Vermeil, Silver, Sliver-Bronze, and then Silver. The cachet is the one on the left below. In 2013, I picked up a few more important pieces for the Art Craft 'John F. Kennedy" cachet and decided to expand the exhibit to three or four frames and also show all three cachets produced by Art Craft and they are show below. When I entered the American First Day Cover Society's show AmeriCover which happened in August of 2014, I reserved three frames but as I got closer, I realized that I needed four frames but it was too late as there were no more frames open and so I sent in the three frame exhibit. It received a Vermeil and now I plan to expand it to four or five frames as I picked up a few more interesting items. I may also decide to show proofs and essays of many of the stamps right before the cover is shown which would be similar to showing the proof or essay of a cachet in a traditional FDC exhibit. The new exhibit is now online: Art Craft's 1962 Anti-Malaria Campaign Cachets. When I rewrite the exhibit again to make it four or five frames, it will be a completely new exhibit with a new way of setting up the headers and also I will have more information on the rates of some of the covers which were sent to foreign destinations on the mail and I will also incorporate other comments from the judges.

The Big Six Of Malaria
Image Of Cachet 1
Dr. Emilio Pampana
Image Of Cachet 2
Image Of Cachet 3

*If any reader has other FDCs with these three Art Craft cachets sent to interesting destinations or used with other foreign stamps then what is in the exhibit, please contact me at