Canal Zone Scott C33 Commercial Cover With Delivery Difficulties

(Published: June, 2018, Volume 18, Number 2, Issue #47) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

In early April, eBay had an item for auction titled "Canal Zone MALARIA 7c air to USA, delivery difficulties, 1963". There were four bids and I eventually won this auction item for $15.61.

The stamp (Scott C33) was issued September 24, 1962 which was part of the 1962 World United Against Malaria campaign sponsored by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.). The Air Mail rate to the United States was 7¢ from 08/01/1958 till 01/07/1963 and this cover was sent 01/17/1963 so 8¢ was needed. The cover was sent to Detroit and by the house numbers crossed out, it looks like 4 different addresses were attempted and the auxiliary markings "NO SUCH STREET NUMBER" and "Advise your correspondents or publishers of your correct mailing address" were added and then returned to the sender.

I am building an exhibit for this Canal Zone stamp and this would be a highlighted cover BUT it did not arrive. The seller and I had 5 emails back and forth trying to figure out when the cover would arrive but after size weeks, we gave up and I had my money returned. I am unhappy that it did not arrive and the cover certainly lived up to its eBay title "delivery difficulties".

Cover: Canal Zone C33 Front of Commercial Cover with Delivery Difficulties

Cover: Canal Zone C33 Back of Commercial Cover with Delivery Difficulties