Anti-Malaria FDC Spotted in Exhibit at Garfield Perry

(Published: September, 2014, Volume 14, Number 2, Issue #36) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

I arrived at the Garfield Perry March Party stamp show April 11, 2014. The show is usually run in March (hence the name) but there was a scheduling conflict with the conference center and the date was moved to April. I believe that the show is called a "Party" because there is a large suite at the show open till around midnight to all attendees and there is complimentary snacks, beer, wine, and other beverages. I have gone twice to this show and have had a great time shopping, looking at the exhibits, and hanging out in the suite after the show.

At this show, the Auxiliary Markings Club had its annual meeting, and as a member, I helped out at the club table and attended a few meetings. I will give a definition of what an Auxiliary Marking is (taken from the Auxiliary Marking web site).

Auxiliary Marking: Postal marking applied to covers by handstamp, machine cancellation, a stick-on label, manuscript markings, or by mechanical or electronic methods such as addressograph or computer, indicating that the covers were given special attention due to some special circumstance. A broad definition would include accompanying postal service letters, and ambulance covers in which damaged or misdirected mail has at times been delivered, and markings placed on covers by institutions other than the postal service, such as the military, prisons, hotels, etc. Auxiliary Markings are sometimes known as Instructional Markings or Supplementary Markings.

Ralph Nafziger is the President of the club and he also had an exhibit titled "Auxiliary Markings On U.S. First Day Covers". I spent some time at the exhibit looking at some great auxiliary markings on the covers. On the bottom of frame 6, I spotted an Art Craft "John F. Kennedy" FDC sent to Moscow in 1962 with an "International" auxiliary marking on it. It is hard to read on scan of exhibit page but I have a better scan of the marking from a cover I found on eBay right above the exhibit page.

Auxiliary Markings On U.S. First Day Covers - Title Page
Exhibit Title Page

Image of the "International" auxiliary marking - taken from another cover.
Image of Marking

Auxiliary Markings On U.S. First Day Covers - Frame 6, Page 16 with Malaria FDC
Exhibit Page 16

*If any reader goes to a stamp show, either local, national, or international and sees an exhibit dealing with malaria or sees malaria items used in an exhibit, please contact me at