Mauritius - Achievements In the 20th Century

(Published: June, 2007, Volume 7, Number 1, Issue #22) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

On December 7th, 1999, Mauritius issued a set of 4 stamps in honor of the "Achievements In the 20th Century". Of the 4 issues in the set, one of them was a stamp depicting the malaria theme and the next paragraph is text taken from the card that was included with the FDC. The card is displayed later on this page.

"As a tropical island with forest and marshes, Mauritius is a breeding ground for the malaria vector Anopheles funestus. In the 1860's the disease was responsible for a high death rate in Mauritius. It also caused tremendous damage through ill-health to the population. The sanity authorities, conscious of the danger that the malaria presented, embarked on a programme for its eradication. As early as 1948, all marshy lands were sprayed with DDT and people suffering from malaria were promptly treated at hospitals. The aggressive campaign against malaria culminated in Mauritius being declared a malaria-free country by the World Health Organization in 1973. As from that date, travelers coming from malaria risk countries are checked by sanitary authorities and suspected cases are referred for treatment to health institutions. However, due to subsequent introduction of the parasite, Mauritius is still listed among the countries that have not yet eradicated malaria."

Technical Details
Designer Owen Bell
Printer Cartor
Size 28 x 45 mm
Perforation 13
Paper Crown Agents Watermarked
Sheet Format 50 stamps set is 2 panes of 25
Release Date 7 December 1999

Scott 890 - Full Sheet
Image Of Stamp

First Day Cover and Insert
Scott 890 (Official Multicolored FDC (w/ Satellite and Computer) )
Image Of Stamp
FDC Insert (English on one side)
Image Of Stamp
FDC Insert (French on one side)
Image Of Stamp

Commercial Covers
Scott 890 (On Cover (Local))
Image Of Stamp
Scott 890 (On Cover (Port Louis))
Image Of Stamp

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