MPI Exhibit Awards Given Out

(Published: May, 2015, Volume 15, Number 2, Issue #38) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

The APS AmeriStamp Expo stamp show was be held in Riverside, CA on February 13-15, 2015. At the show were a few of the MPI members, John Hotchner and James Sauer, and we discussed philately. There were three anti-malaria exhibits from members Larry Fillion and Mike Birrer. The MPI awards were there and given out at the awards ceremony. For more details on the MPI awards, please visit the MPI Awards page.

Image Of 1st Award

Image Of 2nd Award Art Craft's 1962 Anti-Malaria Campaign Cachets
by Larry Fillion (Also Multi Frame Vermeil)

Image Of 3rd Award FDCs of the South Vietnam Anti-Malaria Issues
by Larry Fillion (Also Single Frame Vermeil)

Image of Mike's Exhibit
Picture of Mike Birrer's exhibit with ribbons.
Image of Larry's Exhibit
Picture of Larry Fillion next to one of his exhibits.

*If any reader is thinking about creating an anti-malaria exhibit, please contact me at