A Visit To The National Postal Museum

(Published: September, 2016, Volume 16, Number 3, Issue #42) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

This will be part one of the article. I went to the National Postal Museum over the summer and got to spend a few a few hours looking through the Postmaster General's items which were added a few years ago. Below are all of the progressive die proofs which were available to look at. They were all housed in a book and there were other issues in the book. As I looked through and I took pictures (I will go back at some point and get scans), I saw other issues in the book but some of the other issues only had two or three of these proofs. [Also in the collection was a set of 20-30 essays for the issue. I took pictures of them (once again, I'll get scans so the dimensions are know and the images are not distorted) and they will be in the next Miasma].

Progressive Proof 1

Progressive Proof 2

Progressive Proof 3

Progressive Proof 4

Progressive Proof 5

Progressive Proof 6

Progressive Proof 7

Progressive Proof 8

All of the progressive die proofs had markings on the back of the proofs and when I go back to get scans, I will get high resolution scans of all of the backs also.

Progressive Proof 7 - Back