World Stamp Show New York 2016

(Published: September, 2016, Volume 16, Number 3, Issue #42) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

While at World Stamp Show New York 2016, I walked around and looked at exhibits for almost a whole day. I looked at some of the classics exhibits and then I went to look at the thematic exhibits in hopes of finding some Anti-Malaria stamps within them and I did find a few. Below are some pictures I took of the exhibits. The lighting was tough and the glare was tough and so some of the pictures do not look that nice and appear crooked. In order to get some of the pictures, I needed to hold the iPhone at an angle and for some pages, I had to take a picture of the top half of the page and then the lower half of the page. Sorry about that. (Some of the photos have items for Yellow fever and not Malaria (close enough)).

"Dubai: Errors and Varieties" by Eisa Bin Ahmad Al Serkal from U.A.E, Received Vermeil

Title Page - Top Half Of The Page
Title Page - Bottom Half Of The Page

Perforation Omission - Top Half Of The Page
Perforation Omission - Bottom Half Of The Page

Color Omission - Top Half Of The Page
Color Omission - Bottom Half Of The Page

Print Shift - Top Part Of The Page With Title
Print Shift - Bottom Half Of The Page

"Liquid of Life - Blood, from an Ancient Myth to a Modern Medicine", by Peter Weir from the U.K., Received Gold

Liquid Of Life Exhibit - Title Page

Liquid Of Life Exhibit - Blood Born Infections Section

Liquid Of Life Exhibit - Yellow Fever, Finlay

"Bitter Pills and Strong Drops", by Turid Veggeland from Norway, Received Gold

Bitter Pills and Strong Drops - Title Page
Bitter Pills and Strong Drops - Section 3

"The Development of the United Nations", by Thomas Radzuweit from Germany, Received Large Vermeil

The Development of the United Nations - Page With Malaria Guinea C29 With Inverted Mosquito

The Development of the United Nations - Page With Malaria Meter

The Development of the United Nations - Page With Carlos Finlay Items

World Stamp Show New York 2016 also allowed stamp clubs/societies to create a one frame exhibit showcasing aspects of the stamp clubs/societies in order to get visitors to join their club. while I was looking at the frame for the "Meter Stamp Society", one of the pages had a meter from INTERPEX 1962 with the meter and the cachet having an image of a malaria stamp with the World United Against Malaria symbol on it.

Meter Stamp Society Exhibit Page

*If any reader was at the show and found other anti-malaria items in the exhibits and has pictures, please contact me at