Questions And Answers

(Published: November, 2010, Volume 10, Number 2, Issue #31) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

Over the years collecting malaria stamps, I have purchased some great items - some found by dealers and some by spending the time and looking in dealer boxes at shows. Sometimes, the dealer has information on the item purchased but not always. Sometimes information can be discovered by research but sometimes information does not seem to be found. This will be a place for members to ask questions in need of answers:

In 1962, Guinea produced a set of 3 stamps: Scott C29-C31.
Scott C29
Scott C30
Scott C31

I believe that in the 1970s, there was a huge auction of archival material in which hundreds of inverts, misperfs, and proofs of this issue were sold. Below are singles of the inverts. Does any MPI reader have any more information about the auction including which auction and exactly when the auction was held. It would be nice to know if there was an inventory of what was in the auction lots for this issue.

Scott C29 Inverted Mosquito
Scott C30 Inverted Mosquito
Scott C31 Inverted Mosquito

I have panes of 20 of each of these and would like to know if anyone else has full panes also. I would like to know if these are the last remaining full panes.
Scott C29 Inverted Mosquito - Full Pane

Scott C30 Inverted Mosquito - Full Pane

Scott C31 Inverted Mosquito - Full Pane

*If any reader has any questions that are in need of answers from the MPI, please contact me at