Economic And Social Council - Nirlay Kundu FDCs

(Published: November, 2009, Volume 9, Number 3, Issue #29) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

Nirlay Kundu makes individually hand drawn, hand painted covers. He starts with a single watercolor painting and then copies them on a computer and prints them on hand made envelopes. He has produced First Day Covers from US, UK, Australia, Germany and Sweden. He had never created a FDC for the United Nations before so these are his first ones. I contacted Nirlay and asked him to produce some FDCs for this issue. As you can see below, he created 4 different cachets. There were a different number of FDCs produced for each cachet and the total number of FDCs is on the front of these FDCs. To see what else he has done, you can visit his blog at The cachets are extremely nice and (to me at least) are much better then the stamps themselves.

I purchased the full stock of the FDCs from Nirlay and I have these for sale at $10.00 each FDC. If you are interested in getting 1 or more, please contact me at