Dottie Bundy Hand Painted United States 1194 FDC

(Published: May, 2016, Volume 16, Number 2, Issue #41) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

Dottie Bundy created Hand Painted FDCs for around 100 United States issues. United States Scott 1034 (Bunker Hill Monument, Mass Flag, 1776, issued June 17th, 1959) through Scott 2046 (George Herman "Babe" Ruth, issued July 6th, 1983) but only select issues were produced. Her "First Cachet" is believed to be US Scott 1090 (American Eagle and Pouring Ladle) which was issued May 22, 1957. Close to 100 cachets are known and a running list is still being added to as new items are being found. In mid April, 2016, about 20+ Dottie Bundy FDCs went to auction with over a dozen new cachets previously unlisted. One of these FDCs was for the United States 1194 anti-malaria issue. Dottie also prepared event and U.N. covers as well as select foreign FDCs and I wonder if she created one for the United Nations Scott 102-103 set of anti-malaria stamps? She also created some add-ons some earlier issues like United States Scott 717, 852 and others but during the late 1950s and early 1960s when Dottie produced most of her cachets and these were not add-ons. If you look at the back of the FDC below, there is a #2 which means there is at least a #1 out there somewhere and maybe a #3 and hopefully someone will "discover" that version of the hand drawn FDC.

United States 1194 FDC - Dottie Bundy Cachet - Front

United States 1194 FDC - Dottie Bundy Cachet - Back

Dorothea 'Dottie' Bundy and Her Handpainted Cachets, By David S. Zubatsky ("First Days", Volume 58, Number 6, Whole Number 409, September 2013)

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