Many New Finds For Venezuela Scott 825 and C819 FDCs
(Published: June, 2018, Volume 11, Number 2, Issue #47) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

56 years after the 1962 "World United Against Malaria" campaign stamps and FDCs have been collected, one would think that new discoveries would be slowing down. But MPI collectors are still finding and cataloging new discoveries all the time. Sometimes one or two new finds can be found in one auction lot or at a stamp show. And sometimes over a dozen at once! It appears that one collector had all of these items locked away and were finally "released" to the next collector (that would be me). The new finds include many new cachets and cancellations and are all shown below. After the cahcets and cancellations are shown, the full FDCs with all of the new cachets and cancellations combinations are shown.

These four new cachets are on FDCs with the souvenir sheet Scott C819A:
New Cachet 1 New Cachet 2 New Cachet 3 New Cachet 6

This new cancellation is only found on the back of the FDCs with Scott C819A

This new cachet is on two FDCs (different cancellations on each of them) with Scott 825 and C819:
New Cachet 4

This new cachet is on five FDCs (different cancellations on each of them) with Scott 825 and C819:
New Cachet 5

These new cancellations are found on many of the FDCs below:

All of the FDCs (not the MaxiCards of course) have the following insert:

First Day Covers with the new cachets and cancelaltions:


FDCs with the Scott C819A Souvenir Sheet

All three FDCs with Scott C818A have a this cancellation on the back.