Wilkinsburg Stamp Club Souvenir Sheet

(Published: June, 2007, Volume 7, Number 1, Issue #22) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

This article was first published in the Miasma Philatelists; April-June, 1981, Volume 2, Number 2, Issue 6. This is being rewritten in order to show images of both of the sheets. Below is a reply from the Wilkinsburg Stamp Club:

"We at Wilkinsburg Stamp Club want to thank you for joining in the fun of collecting our annual satirical Souvenir Sheets and helping us to finance our exhibits. This all started when our government in 1960 issued such an abundance of commemoratives that it caused humorous comments from the tongues of collectors and pens of philatelic publications. We thought we should join in the fun and issued a sheet of stamps of the un-commemorated events of 1960, expecting to sell them at our exhibit to help defray expenses. . . People seemed to enjoy them so much that we decided to annually issue for our exhibit a sheet of stamps issued the previous year depicted satirically."
(And, that answers the question of why this cinderella was for 1963)

"The World Health Organization had a campaign against Malaria in 1962 and all countries issued stamps to honor it; most pictured the anopheles mosquito. We just had to issue a sheet for "Hilaria" with the "Goya Nude" a prime target for the mosquito. This we issued as a pair of semi-postal stamps with a 3¢ surcharge for the World Health Organization and we proudly hold a letter from W.H.O. thanking us for this surcharge and a few dollars we added to it to make two hundred dollars." (So W.H.O. did get their contribution -- but there's more!)

"This year also saw Postmaster-General Day authorize the Dag Hammarskjöld stamp to be printed with one color inverted, so we issued some of the same sheets with one stamp inverted."

Hilaria Souvenir Sheet

Image Of Souvenir Sheet
Hilaria Souvenir Sheet
Inverted Blue Stamp on Stamp

Image Of Souvenir Sheet - Inverted

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