Zazzle Payment for MPI Stamps

(Published: November, 2010, Volume 10, Number 2, Issue #31) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

Two years ago, I created an MPI Zazzle stamp and wrote an article about the MPI stamp design and the FDCs: .

I went to the mail box on September 13th and I picked up the mail. I saw a letter from Zazzle and I figured it was some sort of advertising but the cover had a very nice Zazzle stamp on it so I opened it nicely in order to save it. As I opened it, I realized that I was receiving a check for $80.35. I wasn't sure why I was getting this check so I logged onto Zazzle and looked to see if I could find out. It appears that 62 panes of the MPI stamp were sold. I looked at the details and it seems that about a dozen different people bought a few panes here and there and someone even bought the MPI tie. Below is the breakdown of the panes, the 48 panes differ from the 14 panes in that the stamp dimensions are different. I wonder if I will ever see these stamps on covers being sold at stamp shows or on eBay some day?

Image of Payment

Image of Stamp

*If other readers have been making royalties from Zazzle and would like to share information, please contact me at