Checklist - United Kingdom Anti-Malaria Slogans

(Published: January, 2008, Volume 8, Number 1, Issue #24) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Mike Birrer)

Image Of a UK Malaria Cancellation
The April-June 1986 issue of "Miasma Philatelist" carried an article on anti-malaria slogan cancels. Included was a listing of the then known 103 U.K. post offices that used a slogan cancel like the one shown at left. Reportedly, 350 offices were issued a device for the cancel. As of this writing, 328 of those offices have been identified. Scans of cancels from 136 offices have been provided to the editors of the Handbook of Malaria Philately. Following is a listing of offices known to have used the cancellation. A plus sign in front of an office name indicates that a scan for the office is available for the handbook. Readers are asked to inform the editors of offices not listed below and to provide high-quality (10), high-resolution (300 dpi) .jpeg digital images of available covers bearing cancellations from offices for which scans have not yet been made available. Also needed are scans of covers with an August 1 or August 31 postmark, with postmarks before August 1 and after August 31, and with special cachets related to the postmark. Scans can be attached to e-mail addressed to or Please include a statement of permission to use the scans in the handbook.

+ Aberdeen A + Aberdeen B + Abingdon    Acton W.3
+ Aldershot    Altrincham    Ashford + Aylesbury
+ Ayr + Bangor + Barnet    Bath
   Battersea S.W.11    Bedford    Belfast A + Belfast C
+ Bexhil-on-Sea    Bexleyheath    Birkenhead A    Birmingham A
   Birmingham ADO    Birmingham CH    Birmingham E    Birmingham ED
   Birmingham G + Birmingham H    Birmingham K    Birmingham WDO
+ Bishop Auckland    Blackburn & Accring. + Blackpool A + Blackpool B
   Bletchley    Bolton B    Bootle + Bournemouth-Poole A
   Bradford A    Bradford B + Bradford L    Bridgend
+ Brighton & Hove + Brighton & Hove A    Bristol A    Bristol B
   Bristol C    Bristol E + Bromley & Beckenham    Burnley & Nelson
+ Burton on Trent + Bury + Bury-St. Edmunds + Camberwell S.E.5
   Cambridge + Canterbury + Cardiff A    Carlisle A
+ Chelmsford    Chelsea S.W.3 + Cheltenham + Chester A
+ Chichester + Chiswick W.4. + Coventry A + Crawley
+ Croyden + Croyden A + Darlington    Dartford
   Darwen + Derby A + Dover    Dudley A
+ Dumfries + Dundee A    Dunfermline    Durham
   Ealing W. 5 + Eastbourne + Edgeware    Edinburgh A
   Edinburgh B + Edinburgh C    Edinburgh N.W.    Edinburgh W.5
+ Enfield + Epsom    Erdington + Exeter
   Falkirk    Farnborough + Folkstone    Glasgow A
+ Glasgow B    Glasgow C + Glasgow E    Glasgow S
   Glasgow SEDO    Glasgow W    Gloucester B    Gravesend
   Great Yarmouth    Grimsby + Guernsey + Guildford
   Hachmey E. 8    Halifax + Hammersmith W.6. + Hampstead N.W.3
   Harlow + Harrogate + Harrow    Harrow A
+ Hastings    Haywards Heath + Hereford A    High Wycombe
+ Hitchin + Hounslow    Huddersfield    Hull B
+ Ilford & Barking    Inverness + Ipswich    Isle of Man
+ Jersey    Jersey C.I.    Keighly    Kensington W.8
+ Kilburn N.W.6 + King's Lynn + Kingston-upon-Th. + Lancaster & More A
   Leeds A    Leeds B    Leicester A    Leicester B
   Leicester C    Lewes + Leytonstone E.11 + Lincoln A
+ Liverpool A    Liverpool B    Liverpool D + Llandudno-Colwyn
   London 46 B    London 60    London 73    London 88
   London D    London E + London E.1    London E.15
   London E.17 + London E.C.C + London E.C.D + London E.C.E
+ London E.C.F    London E.C.G    London E.C.K    London F
+ London G    London H    London I    London J
   London M + London N.1.A    London N.16 + London N.W.1.A
   London N.W.1B    London N.W.2    London N.W.3    London N.W.6
   London N.W.10A    London O    London P    London S.E.1A
   London S.E.1F    London S.E.5    London S.E.9    London S.E.18
+ London S.W.1A + London S.W.1B + London S.W.1C    London S.W.1D
   London S.W.1G    London S.W.3    London S.W.7    London S.W.9
   London S.W.11    London S.W.15    London S.W.16    London S.W.18
   London S.W.19    London T    London W.1 + London W.1.D
+ London W.1.E + London W.1.F    London W.2.A    London W.2.B
   London W.3    London W.4    London W.5    London W.6
   London W.8    London W.12 + London W.C.A    London W.C.D
   Londonderry + Luton + Lytham St. Annes    Lytham St. James
   Macclesfield    Maidenhead    Maidstone    Manchester
   Manchester C    Manchester F + Manchester K    Manchester L
   Manchester P    Manchester S    Manchester S.E.    Manchester S.W.
+ Margate    Middlesborough A    Modely DO    Newbridge
+ Newcastle on Tyne A    Newton Abbot    Northampton No. 1    Northampton No. 2
   Norwich + Nottingham A    Nottingham B    Nottingham C
   Oldham A    Oldham B + Oxford A    Paddington W.2A
+ Paignton + Paisley    Perth    Petersborough
+ Plymouth + Plymouth A    Pontypridd + Portsmouth & South.
+ Preston    Raddington W.2A    Ramsgate    Reading
   Reading + + Reigate & Redhill + Rhyl + Richmond & Twicken.
   Rochdale + Rochester & Chat. + Romford & Dagenham    Romford & Dag. A
   Rotherham    Rugby + St. Albans + Salford
   Salisbury + Scarborough A    Scunthorpe    Sevenoaks
   Sheffield C + Shephrds Bush W12    Shrewsbury A + Slough
   Smethwick    Southall    Southall GB + Southampton A
   Southampton B + Southend-on-Sea    South Kensington + Southport A
   South Shields + Stafford A    Staines + Stockport A
+ Stockwell N.W.4 + Stockwell S.W.9    Stoke-Newington + Stoke-on-Trent
+ Streatham S.W.16    Stroud + Sunderland    Sutton
   Swansea A + Swindon + Taunton + Torquay
   Trost + Truro + Tunbridge Wells    Uxbridge
   Wadhurst    Wallasey    Wallsall    Wallsall B
+ Wandsworth S.W.18    Warrington    Warrington B + Warwick & Leamng.
+ Watford + Wellbridge    Wembley    West Bromwich
   West Hartlepool    Weston-Super-Mare + Weybridge    Weymouth
   Wigan    Willenhall + Wimbledon S.W.19. + Winchester
+ Woking + Wolverhampton A    Wolverhampton B + Worcester A
+ Worthing    Wrexham + Yeovil + York

An additional number of cancels like the one at right also exist. These were reportedly used for telegrams, each telegraph office having a different number in the triangle. The handbook editors seek information from readers about the number of telegraph offices that used such a cancel and the name of the office represented by each number. Image Of a UK Malaria Cancellation