Crown Agents Stamp Bulletins From 1962

(Published: July, 2011, Volume 11, Number 1, Issue #32) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

I won an auction item which included 13 'Crown Agents' Stamp Bulletins from Deceember 1961 to December 1962. I had never heard of these stamp bulletins and the description of the auction item mentioned that one of the covers of one of the bulletins had an image of a malaria stamp. So I bid and won the auction item. When they arrived, I looked through the the bulletins and found that six of them had information about some of the malaria stamps issued in 1962. Some of the information dealt with printing methods, issue dates, plate number information and also information about when the stamp would go off sale. Many of the bulletins had small postal bulletins included with them folded between the inside cover and the first page. One of the included stamp bulletinfs was for the United Nations issue, Scott 102. This was certainly a bonus. Below are the covers of the six bulletins (in case you ever see one at a show for sale) and the pages with the malaria stamp information. The bulleton issue date is printed on the cover and the page numbers are printed on the bottom of each page.

I highlighted the relevant text for the malaria issues in red boxes.

This insert was delivered with the issue.