Malaria Treatment and Philately

(Published: May, 2017, Volume 17, Number 2, Issue #44) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Mike Birrer)

For fun and a real challenge, malaria topic collectors may enjoy seeking postal history and other material that advertise treatments for malaria. The Treatments.pdf is a preview of an addendum to the Handbook of Malaria Philately currently under development. The addendum will show covers, stamps, and advertising media that make remedy-philately connections for malaria treatments from producers around the world. Below are the first three pages of the thirty page PDF to show you the interesting items in the handbook:

Malaria Treatments - Page 1

Malaria Treatments - Page 2

Malaria Treatments - Page 3

Collectors who find such material are urged to send scans to Mike Birrer at or to Larry Fillion at for inclusion in the addendum.