Marketplace - David Feldman SA Auction - April 15-21, 2007 Auctions

(Published: June, 2007, Volume 7, Number 1, Issue #22) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

On April 15-21, 2007, David Feldman ran an auction which contained many wonderful malaria items from The Courvoisier Archive. Many of these malaria items were unique proofs and full sheets of imperforated malaria issues. The issue with the auction is that the malaria proofs were part of large lots of proofs that sold for thousands to tens of thousands of euros. Below is a table of information from the David Feldman auction including descriptions and images that the auction firm has given the MPI to publish. There are not images for everything.

10004 CEYLON British Commonwealth. (Start Price = €3400) (End Price = €8000)
Ceylon 1950-2000 Collection Imperforates and progressive proofs of 36 sets and singles printed during this period, noted 1951 Star Orchid, 1955 Buddha Jayanti, 1957 Stamp Centenary, 1960 Refugee Year, 1962 malaria Eradication, 1962 Scouts, 1966 Rice Year, 1998 Definitives, 2000 Olympics, etc. (433 items)
Image Of Stamp

Item #10056 - ZAIRE Africa. (Start Price = €3400) (End Price = €6000)
Congo (Kinshasa) 1960-85 Collection Imperforates and progressive proofs of 25 sets printed during this period, noted 1960 Independence showing color trials of the 1F50 value, 1961 Anniversary of Independence, 1962 malaria Eradication, 1963 Air Congo, 1964 National Palace, 1966 General Mobuto, also Artwork, Scouts, UPU, UN, etc. (580 items)
Image Of Stamp

Item #10080 - LIBYA Africa. (Start Price = €4000) (End Price = €8000)
Libya 1961-2000 Collection Imperforates and progressive proofs from 31 sets printed during this period including 1962 malaria Eradication, 1964 Human Rights, 1965 UNESCO, 1990 21st Anniversary of the Revolution incl. min.sheet, 1992 Fishes, etc. (738 items)
Image Of Stamp
Image Of Stamp

Item #10141 - PHILIPPINE ISLANDS Asia. (Start Price = €2000) (End Price = €4800)
Philippines 1956-61 Collection The complete archive of imperforates and progressive proofs of the Philippines issues, the sets and singles comprise the 1956 University of San Tomas (unissued), 1958 President Garcia, 1958 Flag, 1961 Golden Jubilee, 1961 Tuberculosis, 1962 malaria Eradication, 1963 Red Cross and 1963 Bonifacio Centenary, on 12 album pages (142 items)
Image Of Stamp

Item #10274 - AFGHANISTAN (Start Price = €7500) (End Price = €4200)
Government Printing Works, Vienna, Austria AFGHANISTAN 1961-71: Attractive selection of printer's approval booklets from various sets from the '60s, mostly with their issued stamps in sheets, incl. 1961 Teacher's Day, 1961 Band Amir, 1961 UNESCO, 1961 Children's Day, 1961 UN Headquarters with three values in IMPERFORATE sheets, 1962 Ahmad Shah, 1962 Women's Day (min.sheet and issued stamps), 1962 malaria eradication with the 11 values in IMPERFORATE sheets of 50, 1962 Agriculture Day, 1963 Freedom from Hunger, 1963 Asian Games, 1964 malaria Eradication overprints, 1964 Red Crescent, 1964 Children's Day, 1964 Tourism, 1964 Olympics (min.sheet and set), 1966 Red Crescent, 1971 UN Day, an exceptional assembly View Image
Image Of Stamp

Item #10276 - COLOMBIA Government Printing Works, Vienna, Austria (Start Price = €11000) (End Price = €8000)
COLOMBIA 1951-60: Lot of different issues comprising 1957 St.Vincent 5c air in complete IMPERFORATE sheet of 50 plus normal 1c and 5c issued values, printer's approval booklet of the 1960 150th Anniversary of Independence plus 11 issued values in complete sheets plus three approval cards, 1964 Castilla air 15c proof plus issued 30c in sheet of 50, 1951 Valencia min.sheets, 1960 Flowers with 13 values in sheets of 50 plus two printer's approval sheet with five values, also printer's approval booklets or cards of 1957 Fencer, 1957 Delgado, 1959 Stamp Centenial, 1960 Santander Oil-fields, 1954 Airs in four different colours, 1954 Caro, 1952 Colombian Academy of History, the three latter not exactly as issued, 1956 Tomb of Gimenez with a range or colours proposed, 1961 Engineers' Society, 1962 Engineers, 1962 malaria, 1962 Scouts, 1957 Letter Writing Week, 1956 Columbus, 1962 malaria, most with a diverse range of proposed colours, an amazing lot with great potential

Item #50702 - ALL WORLD Overseas (Start Price = €20000) (End Price = €15000)
LATIN AMERICA: 1959-70, Enormous never hinged stock in complete sheets of Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, also Dominican Republic and Haiti, replete with better themes incl. Olympics, primitive arts, coins, UN, music, stamps on stamps, butterflies, scouts, wildlife, malaria eradication, famous men, flowers, Red Cross, monuments and maps, noted impressive Dominican Republic Olympics in complete IMPERFORATE sheets and min.sheets perf. and imperf., also important Haiti Olympics and butterflies, many airs and all in pristine condition, see also enclosed list with STC €428'000+ (Est.€ 15'000/20'000)

Item #50710 - AFGHANISTAN Overseas (Start Price = €2600) (End Price = €????)
Afghanistan 1962-77, Important never hinged stock in complete sheets, generally 250 sets of each issue, includes 1962 UN in imperforate sheets, 1963 Asian Games, 1963 malaria eradication imperforate, 1964 Olympics, 1968 Olympics, 1972 Olympics, also various wildlife sets throughout, v.fine, see also enclosed list (STC€128'000+) (Est.€ 1'200/2'400)