Marketplace - eBay 2013 - Bhutan Full Panes Of Essays

(Published: April, 2014, Volume 14, Number 1, Issue #35) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

In mid November 2013, eBay seller Patialastamps put up an item on eBay (and also had the same item on Delcampe) for "Bhutan Malaria 3v Unissued Set in MNH Sheets of 50". There were three different values of the essay sheets: 33Ch, 70Ch, and 1,30Ch. I already had two different sheets of the 33Ch in different shades of color so I sent an email to Patialastamps and put in a offer for only the 70Ch, and 1,30Ch sheets. Eventually, Patialastamps accepted the offer. Scans of the 70Ch, and 1,30Ch sheets are below.

Patialastamps still has another set of three sheets of the essays on eBay right now and also has sets of singles on eBay.

Bhutan Full Sheet of the 70Ch Malaria Essay
Bhutan Full Sheet of the 1,30Ch Malaria Essay

*If any reader has other proofs besides the 33Ch, 70Ch, and 1,30Ch, please contact me at