Marketplace - Sandafayre Auction - January, 2009

(Published: February, 2009, Volume 9, Number 1, Issue #27) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

January, 2009, Sandafayre ran some auctions. There were 8 auction items that contained malaria items. Some auction items only consisted of some MNH malaria within a large grouping of MNH but a few below had some nice items. I do not know what the final prices were for these auctions as I can't seem to find the ended auctions on the site.

1976 Institute of Medical Research set, SG 146/48, in superb never hinged mint IMPERF PAIRS. The stamps feature Scrub Typhus, Malaria and Beri-beri. Scarce! (6 stamps)
Guide Price: $180 - $195
Auction 7156.
Closing 13 Jan 2009
Image Of Stamp
MEDICAL - MALARIA collection of Indian air letter sheets, each fresh unused and all different Anti - Malaria message (various languages, colours, papers etc). A very unusual and difficult to build collection (40+ items)
Guide Price: $180 - $195
Auction 4157.
Closing 20 Jan 2009
Image Of Stamp