New Find - Pakistan Scott 160 With Shifted Colors

(Published: September, 2014, Volume 14, Number 2, Issue #36) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

On April 7, 1962, Pakistan issued two stamps for "The World United Against Malaria" campaign sponsored by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.). The stamps were issued by Thomas de la Rue and Co. Ltd. There is a handbook Pakistan (1962) Scott 160-161 which has all of the printing information and a complete list of the recorded First Day Cover cachets and plenty of other information. I had never seen an EFO (Error, Freak, or Oddity) for this stamp till a few months ago. A dealer sent me a scan of a 13 paisa stamp with the yellow shifted to the right. The price was right so I bought it and now I am writing about the find. The stamp was printed in panes of 100 so there are at least 99 more of these shifted stamps and of course, there may be other shifts in other directions or other colors which could be shifted.

13 paisa anti-malaria stamp - Yellow shifted to the right .42 millimeters. Although .42 millimeters is small, the yellow shift can be seen quite easily in the scan.

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