President's Message - Issue 27

(Published: February, 2009, Volume 9, Number 1, Issue #27) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

Miasma Update: This Miasma issue took a long time create. I am doing what I can but I could use your help with writing articles. I know that readers have some great items and also have some great malaria knowledge. Please think about sharing this information or items in the form of an article. Have you heard about any interesting new malaria research that you could write about and show some stamps with it? Have you purchased an interesting commercial cover, found a new freak/error malaria stamp, have a mini collection of fish on stamps that eat mosquitoes, ... ?

Auction Update: The second auction finished a while ago and about half the items sold. If you have a want list or types of items that you are looking for (MNH, commercials, FDCs, errors, proofs, ...), please send your list to me and I can forward on to a few sellers for the next auction at the ed of the summer. Also look at what you have for duplicates and maybe these items can be added to the next auction.

Membership Update: Currently, there are 46 members from 9 countries (13 new members since the last Miasma):
Current Membership: 46 members
Australia1 Israel1
Brazil2 Italy2
China1 Morocco1
France1 Scotland1
Germany1 Spain1
Great Britain5 United States29

Catalog Update: Mike Birrer continues writing the catalog and it is coming along. I have been scanning more covers from my collection and sending them to Mike in order to add them to the catalog. Mike is asking members for scans of FDCs for the following three stamps. You can email Mike at

Laos Scott 868
Image of Stamp
Laos Scott 1063
Image of Stamp
Maldives Scott 882
Image of Stamp

Miasma Update: Well, I am a few months behind with producing this Miasma. Late is certainly better than never. But I really like to see someone else writing an article or two. I know that collectors out there have some great items and also have some malaria backgrounds and could write some interesting articles. Maybe an article about new malaria research or malaria conferences or new malaria websites, ... ? Exhibits Update: I have created one new exhibit and has been sent to the AmeriStamp Expo in Arlington, Texas. The show is February 20-22, 2009. The new exhibit: FDCs with "The Big Six Of Malaria" ArtCraft Cachet is online. If anyone else is working on an exhibit or thinking about working on an exhibit, please contact me at and I may be able to answer some questions or may be able to connect you with someone at the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE). If you are looking for more information on exhibiting, the AAPE website is at There is a lot of information up on the site along with over a hundred exhibits online to view and get ideas from on how to set one up.

Always Looking for Articles: Please consider writing an article about some part of your malaria collection, or how you got started collecting malaria stamps, or about a doctor in the malaria field that can have supporting stamps with it, or new varieties that you have found, etc. All I need is the text and some images and I can put together the web page. A text file, MS Word file, and many other formats will work. If you have an exhibit that has interesting malaria items in it, please send scans of the exhibit pages and I can add them to the site.