President's Message - Issue 51

(Published: June, 2020, Volume 20, Number 2, Issue #51) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

The "May" Edition ended up being the mid June edition. With the new world order dealing with COVID-19, my schedule has been very different and I have not had a lot of time to dedicate to stamps and this journal. I will hopefully have time in the fall. I hope that all are you are safe and healthy.

Auction 19
There will be no auction this edition. I will hopefully have time in the fall.

Membership Update:
There are 125 members from 21 countries (5 new member since the last Miasma).
Current Membership: 125 members
Australia1 Brazil4
Canada3 China3
Costa Rica1 Egypt2
France3 Germany2
Great Britain11 Hong Kong1
India8 Indonesia1
Israel1 Italy4
Kuwait1 Morocco1
The Netherlands1 Norway1
Pakistan1 Scotland1
Spain3 United States71

Always Looking for Articles: Please consider writing an article about some part of your malaria collection, or how you got started collecting malaria stamps, or about a doctor in the malaria field that can have supporting stamps with it, or new varieties that you have found, etc. All I need is the text and some images and I can put together the web page. A text file, MS Word file, and many other formats will work. If you have an exhibit that has interesting malaria items in it, please send scans of the exhibit pages and I can add them to the site.