Journal of the Malaria Philatelists International

 September, 2008, Volume 8, Number 3, Issue #26 - Table Of Contents
Article Title
President's Message - Issue 26Larry Fillion
Patent Medicines And Malaria Philately - Part 1Mike Birrer
Marketplace - Auktionshaus Christoph Gartner Auction - May 28-30, 2008Larry Fillion
Checklist - FDCs In Mint ConditionLarry Fillion
'Zazzle Custom Stamp' With The Malaria Philatelists International (MPI) LogoLarry Fillion
Artmaster 'International Struggle Against Malaria' CachetLarry Fillion
MPI President Interviewed On APS Stamp TalkLarry Fillion
Auction - MPI Auction #2Larry Fillion