Malaria Binders And Album Pages
(Published: July, 2009, Volume 9, Number 2, Issue #28) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Larry Fillion)

Over the years, I have purchased about 20 malaria collections. I buy these in order to get the elusive items that are part of the collection and I then sell the duplicates. Many of these collections came with a malaria album and pages for the MNH stamps. Below is a chart of what companies (if known) produced malaria pages by and what I have for each of them. These are the ones that I have seen on my travels. Have you seen different ones? (There are a few unknown.)

Company Notes
AyalI have seen many of these pages and own about 15 different. I do not know if there is a nice binder with malaria cover.
KabeAlbum with malaria cover (image below) and hingless pages. I own a full set of pages. Example Dominican Republic page below.
LindnerAlbum with plain red cover. I own a full set of pages. Example Dominican Republic page below.
WheatlandI only own a handful of these pages and none of them have specific spots for stamps. They are all generic.
White AceAlbum with malaria cover (image below). I own a full set of pages. Example Dominican Republic page below.
Unknown MalariaI have a dozen of these unknown album pages and each of them has text that was typed on them. The typed text in the middle does not match the border text. The border seems professional and the pages themselves are rounded and are of the very heavy paper that the other album pages are made of. These observations lead me to believe that these pages were blank pages from an album.
Unknown United Nations Of The WorldExample half page (image below) does not specifically say 'Malaria' but does have the Ghana souvenir sheet in the middle of the page. Are there specific pages for all of the malaria stamps from 1962? Are there pages for more United Nations related stamps issued from other countries?

Below are scans of the album covers and some example pages that I have:

*If readers have different albums with pages or have any information on the album pages that are unknown, please contact me at