Journal of the Malaria Philatelists International

 July 1, 2009, Volume 9, Number 2, Issue #28 - Table Of Contents
Article Title
President's Message - Issue 28Larry Fillion
Malaria Binders And Album PagesLarry Fillion
International Association for Medical Assistance to TravelersLarry Fillion
UNTEA (United Nations Temporary Executive Authority) CoverLarry Fillion
Art Craft FDCs With Designer and Engraver's SignaturesLarry Fillion
New Military-Use Postcards from FranceMike Birrer
Wilkinsburg Stamp Club Souvenir Sheet - UpdateLarry Fillion
United Nations Personalized Sheet Larry Fillion
Dear Doctor Postcards From MaldivesLarry Fillion
Look At The Back Of Your Covers - Part 2Larry Fillion
South Vietnam Largest Imperf BlocksJohn Hotchner