New Military-Use Postcards from France

(Published: July, 2009, Volume 9, Number 2, Issue #28) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Mike Birrer)

Not previously reported in Malaria Philatelist, a set of 8 postcards [MPI #D1-D8] with malaria themes was produced for French soldiers in 1996. Following a proposal by Dr. J.M. Milleliri and others, production of the cards was approved by the Health Service of the French army. Intended to reduce the incidence of malaria among troops, the cards were distributed to soldiers embarking for malarious areas of Africa. Dr. Milleliri monitored soldiers' use of the cards as well as the numbers of malaria infections. Findings revealed a positive correlation between card usage and a reduced infection rate. The army health service subsequently produced an additional card [MPI #E1] for similar distribution. The cards are shown in this draft copy of France (1996) Army Postcards for the forthcoming Handbook of Malaria Philately.

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