U.S. Scott 1194 Commercial Cover Articles In Linns

(Published: April, 2014, Volume 14, Number 1, Issue #35) (Table Of Contents)
(Author: Tony Wawruckiewicz)

In May, 2013, I happened to be at a work conference in Portland for a few days. I extended my trip in order to go to PIPEX. I spent a day at the show and looked at the exhibits and also went through many dealer tables looking for malaria covers. I found a few. At one of the tables, I spent over a half hour talking to Tony Wawruckiewicz. In case, you do not know Tony W., he is the co-author of the two rate books. Please see the article Using Beecher And Wawrukiewicz For U.S. Scott 1194 Commercial Covers .

While we were talking, I mentioned that I had a large collection of U.S Scott 1194 covers and I was creating a commercial usages exhibit. Fast forward to StampShow 2013 (August 8-11, 2013, Milwaukee, Wisconsin), I saw Tony W. and I proceded to give Tony a tour of my exhibit Usages of the U.S. World United Against Malaria commemorative issue of 1962 . Then, in January 2014, Tony sent me an email asking if he could have 300 DPI images of a few of the U.S. Scott 1194 commercial covers for an article in Linns. I (of course) said yes and below are copies of the Linn'ss article (in two parts) which Tony W. wrote.

*If any reader has other examples of commercial covers with U.S. Scott 1194, please contact me at malariastamps@yahoo.com